Put your trust in us if you need to dispose of the following waste materials in professional and environmentally friendly ways:

Waste group Relevant waste materials
Mineral waste Soil, building rubbish, stones, earth
(for landfilling)
  Contaminated soils
(for thermal, chemical-physical treatment)
  Slags and ashes
  Gypsum-containing waste (porous concrete, plasterboard waste)
  Metallic dusts, industrial dusts, etc.
  Waste containing mineral fibres
Organic waste Refinery and gasworks waste, tar-containing materials (e.g. oil and tank sludges, tars and acid tars, bituminous and tar-containing wastes, roofing felt, etc.)
  Refuse-derived fuel (EBS)
  Shredder light fraction
  Paints, paint sludges
  Combustible dusts (e.g. soot)
  Sewage sludge (municipal, industrial)