Our know-how for the benefit of the environment

Environmental and brownfield 
site remediation

We can look back on many years of experience in the remediation of brownsites and contaminated areas while banking on our perseverance and innovativeness. Depending on the individual type of contamination and brownfield site, we either use well-proven existing processes and technologies or develop new specific processes.

From sampling equipment to excavators and pumps, as well as stationary or semi-mobile machinery for material preparation – we use our own trusted plants and equipment for our remediation projects.


Drawing on many years of experience with remediation projects in Germany and Europe, MUEG can provide the complete range of services related to environmental and brownfield site remediation:

  • remediate brownsites and contaminated sites, in particular former refinery sites, as well as other industrial impacts
  • prepare, dispose of and utilise refinery and industrial waste materials
  • remediate landfills and brownsites from former mining activities
  • treat and prepare waste water produced in remediation projects

Brownfield site remediation

We place particular emphasis on the ecological, resource-friendly and contaminant-free implementation of our remediation projects and use innovative ideas and concepts for this purpose. We use industrial waste to prepare refuse-derived fuel tailored specifically to each application in an efficient way, thus replacing primary raw material sources. We have our own stationary and semi-mobile technical systems available to us for this purpose.


We support in the following endeavours:

  • Brownfield site exploration
  • Risk analysis
  • Preparation of expert opinions on environmental safety
  • Brownfield site remediation
  • Feasibility studies
Our services in environmental remediation
  • Preparation of risk assessments
  • Preparation of feasibility studies, remediation concepts and planning scenarios
  • Planning and consulting services
  • Development of concepts for disposal, future use and site development
  • Implementation of pilot tests (even on a large scale)
  • Preparation of machinery concepts
  • Development of remediation technologies / systems engineering
  • Site management, health and safety coordination services

We lead the market in
acid tar remediation

The remediation of areas contaminated by acid tar is one special area of expertise. So far, our company has been able to successfully eliminate more than 450,000 metric tonnes of acid tar and acid tar residues inside and outside Germany.

List of our remediation project references

Acid tar projects

ESSO pilot project, Valløy
1.200 t acid tar remediation

Cerro al Lambro
2.000 t acid tar remediation

Monticelli Pavese
6.700 t acid tar remediation

ENI acid tar remediation
2.000 t of tank sludges

Pesnica Dvor
31.000 t acid tar remediation

30.000 t acid tar remediation

9.500 t acid tar remediation
Czech Republic

175.000 t acid tar remediation

BAUFELD Refinery, Neukirchen/Mittelbach
180.000 t acid tar remediation

Tar landfill ‘Philipine’, Weißwasser
Clearing of waste materials

Crude resin landfill, Eich/Treuen
Remediation of 2,200 t


Consulting / Feasibility studies

Ash dump of Narva oil shale power station
Technical feasibility study

Croatian government / Zagreb
Capacity building / consulting (climate protection)

Sewage sludge composting plant, ZagrebConstruction consulting, 400,000 t 

Thermal power station ‘Nikola Tesla’, Belgrade
Site evaluation for ash dump

Serbian government / Belgrade
Capacity building / consulting
Waste management / brownfield site remediation

Petroleum University of the City of Ufa
Integrated waste management concept