From waste to fuel

Thermal utilisation
of waste materials

We help our customers from the manufacturing and commercial sectors to sustainably reuse their waste materials. Our fuel preparation plant prepares hazardous and non-hazardous combustible wastes from industrial and commercial sectors to obtain mixed combustibles. This helps utilise environmentally hazardous residual waste materials in efficient and environmentally compatible ways while saving valuable natural resources such as oil, gas and coal. As a chance for you to become familiar with our services, we provide here an extensive list of waste materials, complete with our full disposal portfolio and the pertaining acceptance requirements.

Note: We accept waste materials intended for recycling based exclusively on the waste type catalogue and the statutory acceptance criteria/limits at the site of our plants, as well as operational process instructions.


These are some of the waste materials we accept from you:
  • Roofing felts: containing tar or tar-free
  • Oil and tank sludges from refineries, tank and tank truck cleaning
  • Sludges from industrial processes, physico-chemical waste treatment plants, oil separators, etc.
  • Sludges/powders from paint or varnish, old varnishes
  • Acid tars
  • Tar residues from remediation projects
  • Mixed construction site waste, bulky waste, mixed packaging, commercial waste

Acceptance and delivery of materials

Please call ahead:

To save yourself time and trouble, please get in touch with the competent sales representative before making the delivery to learn if we are able to accept your material.

Even if we should not be able to accept the material ourselves, MUEG will be happy to assist. We have a strong network of partners at our disposal and often liaise between our disposal partners and customers.

At the Beuna location, we accept your delivered waste batches as follows:

  • as bulk material
  • packaged in hazardous waste containers for highly viscous materials / liquid materials (ASP/ASF), IBC, bigbags, plastic and metal barrels
  • in suction/tank vehicles

What happens with the waste materials?

After delivery, the waste materials undergo a multi-step treatment process leading to the production of mixed combustibles. As it is possible to adjust the respective mixed combustible in accordance to its intended purpose, it may be used in:

  • conventional lignite power plants
  • cement plants
  • various industrial large combustion plants

The suitability and safety of all combustibles is ensured through continuous control in our labs.

At the same time, we are active in field of co-incineration of municipal sewage and biological sludges in power plants. Not only does this help prevent waste, it is also an important contribution to the preservation of valuable natural resources.