Our service portfolio

We take on responsibility for the environment and are your reliable partner in all things disposal. We focus mainly on the following areas: utilisation of waste materials from production and commercial sectors, disposal and recycling of construction waste and residual waste from power plants. Furthermore we make new products based on waste materials and support you throughout the whole process chain with our project planning, engineering and consulting services.

Plus: We continue to be there even if requirements are beyond the scope of our own services, by liaising with the strong and experienced partners in our cooperative network.

Other services

Our Mission

We plan the construction of our own plants for drying sewage sludge while taking into account the developing need to recycle phosphorus expected over the next few years. Other future projects focus on utilising and treating sewage sludge in our plants, including phosphorus activation as well as the production of a low-CO2 / CO2-free binder (‘green cement’) based on brown coal filter ashes, and the reduction of the clinker share in the cement. The use of certified brown coal filter ashes from the area of south-east Germany with the purpose of soil conditioning offers great potential as well. We continue to expand our waste recycling activities by building new technical systems for mineral wool recycling.