Drawing on many years of experience with remediation projects in Germany and Europe, we are able to provide all services related to remediation:

  • Individual project planning to determine the project scope and suitable processes
  • Project implementation, including disposal and utilisation of waste and contaminated materials

Probenahmen Säureteer

Planning, management and engineering tasks

Our own planning and engineering department can provide the following environmental and management services within your remediation project:

  • Preparation of risk assessments
  • Preparation of feasibility studies, remediation concepts and planning scenarios
  • Planning and consulting services
  • Development of concepts for disposal, future use and site development
  • Implementation of pilot tests (even on a large scale)
  • Preparation of machinery concepts
  • Development of remediation technologies / systems engineering
  • Site management, health and safety coordination services


In environmental and brownsite remediation, we:
  • remediate brownsites and contaminated sites, in particular former refinery sites, as well as other industrial impacts,
  • prepare, dispose of and utilise refinery and industrial waste materials,
  • remediate landfills and brownsites from former mining activities,
  • treat and prepare waste water produced in remediation projects.

From sampling equipment to excavators and pumps, as well as stationary or semi-mobile machinery for material preparation – we use our own trusted plants and equipment when implementing remediation projects.

Remediation can be achieved for a number of different contaminants and waste materials, in particular:
  • acid tar and acid resin,
  • tar and tar-containing residues,
  • oil sludge,
  • soil contamination through mineral oil,
  • other waste materials, in particular highly calorific ones.

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