Tasks and objectives

Since incorporating MUEG Mitteldeutsche Umwelt- und Entsorgung GmbH in 1990, we have earned a high standing as a reliable and trustworthy partner for disposal and environmental remediation projects in south-east Germany and beyond. Many companies all over Europe hold us in high regard as a company of accomplishment and innovation.

One particular success story is our involvement in acid tar remediation. The overall remediation volume of 450,000 metric tonnes achieved so far means that we have successfully claimed the title of market leaders in Europe. This was made possible by continuous research and by furthering the development of ecologically sustainable processes, as well as engineered process flows and technologies, which enable us to offer innovative and client-oriented disposal solutions.

Our success is driven by the 234 staff members working at our company locations in south-east Germany and at project sites abroad. Day after day, we use our know-how and extensive experience to find solutions for the most varying environmental remediation and disposal issues within the region, the country and across Europe, and put them into action.

Achieving environmentally friendly solutions is paramount to us when developing new processes, as well as in the disposal and utilisation of various waste materials. Whenever possible, we re-introduce raw materials back into the economic cycle as secondary raw materials in the form of recycled products. By doing so, we make an active contribution to saving raw materials as valuable natural resources, preserving them for future generations.