Minister for Energy of the state of Karnataka, India on visit

On 03 November 2016, the minister for energy of the Indian state of Karnataka, D. K. Shivakumar, visited Mitteldeutsche Umwelt und Entsorgung GmbH. He was accompanied by a high-ranking delegation from India. The Indian minister for energy and the managers of the power company KPCL Karnataka Power … more


Mining utilization

The State Office for Environmental Protection, Agriculture and Geology of the Free State of Saxony has commissioned MUEG with preparing a survey looking at analyses and scientific papers on reusing power plant ashes or iron hydroxide slurries for mining applications. This survey will examine, … more


Recultivation Großkayna-Westfield

The remediation works for closing the residual cavity of the former surface mining pit Großkayna Westfeld, including surface profiling and support for the dump, have been completed. An area of approx. 7 ha has been reforested and provided with the necessary routes for future economic use. All in … more


Building dykes for flood control

MUEG Mitteldeutsche Umwelt- und Entsorgung GmbH is participating in a project aimed at securing dykes for flood control in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Merseburg, the State Office for Environmental Protection by commission of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of the … more


Incukalns Acid Tar Lagoon in the home straight

Since starting works in two shifts in September 2014, a total of approx. 20,500 metric tonnes of acid tar have so far been successfully removed from the “Incukalns Acid Tar Lagoon” remediation project in Latvia. … more