Products from waste materials

Using modern processes and technologies, some of which we have developed ourselves, we have the capability to treat and recycle waste materials and brownfield sites. This enables making further use of waste materials – a particularly ecological endeavour since valuable raw materials are thus spared and less space is required for landfills.

We provide the following products derived from our treatment processes and the recycling of various waste materials:

  • Secondary/landfill construction materials and remediation products for the mining industry
  • Binders
  • Refuse-derived fuel
  • Soils and substrates

Secondary/landfill construction materials and remediation products for the mining industry

Using various processes, some of which developed by ourselves, we obtain diverse construction materials from:

  • mineral construction waste
  • ashes from power plants
These are the secondary/landfill construction materials and remediation products we are able to obtain from these waste materials:
  • Road construction materials 
in the form of recycled concrete with thickness 0 – 6 mm, 0 – 45 mm, 45 –100 mm and treated filter ashes
  • Landfill construction materials 
from ashes with a surface load capacity of more than 45 MN/m2 and low hydraulic permeability (permeability coefficient below 10–8 m/s)
  • Remediation products 
for the mining industry from treated filter ash with 10 N/mm2 compressive strength and 10–9 m/s permeability. 
Examples for application: 
Filling of former open-cast minesDirect backfilling, backfilling of thick matter in underground cavities


We obtain binders for the conditioning of liquid and highly viscous materials through the appropriate treatment of various ashes received as residual waste from power plants.

Refuse-derived fuel

Refuse-derived fuel is obtained primarily from mineral-oil-based carbon-containing waste materials, but also from sewage and biological sludges. We treat these wastes in our treatment plants to obtain homogeneous fuel material. It is also possible to set a specific calorific value depending on the individual intended purpose. Among other uses, this enables using our refuse-derived fuel in:

  • coal-fired power stations
  • cement plants
  • many other large combustion plants

Soils and substrates

We obtain valuable soils and substrates from mineral construction waste, as well as by composting organic waste, such as garden and green cuttings or sewage sludge. They are particularly suited for use in recultivation and remediation projects, or even as construction material in road construction.

We offer the following soils and substrates in their pure form or as individual mixtures:

  • Humus
  • Screened humus
  • Recultivation substrates from compost and top soil
  • Compost


We would be pleased to advise you if you have any questions concerning the properties and versatile uses of our products. We can also support you looking for suitable individual solutions tailored to your needs. Many of our products can be adapted without difficulty to suit your requirements. Our employees would be pleased to help! Contact