As a certified waste management company with many years of experience we will be a reliable partner for your company, helping you solve your waste problems.

In this capacity, we specialise in particular in the disposal of:
  • carbon-based waste and brownfield site materials from industry, production and commerce
  • construction waste
  • organic waste
  • residual waste from power plants

Waste materials / Brownfield sites

  • Acid tars, acid resins, tars and tar-containing residues
  • Roofing felts, containing tar or tar-free
  • Sludges and powders from paint or varnish, old varnishes
  • Oil and tank sludges from refineries, tank and tank truck cleaning, chemo and physical treatment units
  • Distillation residues and chemical preparation wastes
  • Resins, waxes, paraffins, greases and resin-containing waste materials

Waste materials from production and commerce

  • Sludges from industrial processes, physico-chemical waste treatment plants, oil separators, etc.; treatment sludges
  • Waste from cosmetics production
  • Carbon black waste (e.g. from tyre production)
  • Asphalt
  • Fuller's earth
  • Mineral oil waste and mineral waste
  • Refuse-derived fuel from commercial and household waste treatment

Construction waste

  • Used sands, slags
  • Gypsum-based construction materials
  • Mixed construction site waste, bulky waste, mixed packaging, commercial waste

Organic waste

  • Sewage sludge and biological sludges
  • Garden and green cuttings

Residual waste materials from the power plant

  • Ashes
  • FDG gypsum
  • FDG water

In addition to the aforementioned waste and residual materials, we are able to accept many other substances as long as they are suitable for further treatment in our processes, which is clarified individually through analyses in our own lab.

If we are not able to dispose of or recycle a particular material, we will be pleased to assist you in finding and developing suitable solutions.