It takes a lot of technological know-how and extensive experience to dispose of waste and remediate brownfield sites in an environmentally suitable way. Based on our work performed in the fields of disposal, recycling and remediation of waste materials and brownfield sites, we have exactly this kind of experience and know-how, especially in terms of:

  • project planning
  • engineering
  • consulting

Our experienced expert team of engineers and technicians will support you in your search for intelligent and ecological solutions for environment and disposal management systems. The highest quality requirements and comprehensive service ensure that you will gain efficient and ecologically sustainable solutions for all areas of waste management and environmental protection.

Feel free to benefit from our wide range of services from the planning stage right up to the implementation of your project:
  • etermination of basic data and site location planning
  • preparation for project and planning
  • design planning
  • approval planning
  • execution planning
  • tender process and evaluation of bids
  • project monitoring - project management
  • site management and documentation