Collaboration with universities

An important part of our services is based on developing innovative technologies and processes in the field of environmental remediation. Most of the research and development effort required for this is done by ourselves. Beyond this, collaborating and exchanging ideas with partners from the sphere of science has become indispensable, which is why we cooperate with universities of applied sciences and universities nationwide, as well as on an international level.

German-Kazakh University of Almaty

Ufa State Petroleum Technological University

Technical University Chemnitz

Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg

University of Applied Sciences Merseburg

Our company offers the following opportunities to students:
  • completing internships
  • having your bachelor's and master's theses supervised
  • participating in research activities related to your course of studies

If you are interested in a collaboration regarding your studies or research project, please feel free to contact our HR department.

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