With our treatment plant, we are able to utilise hazardous and non-hazardous combustible waste in the following conditions:
  • solid
  • muddy/highly viscous
  • powdery
  • liquid

Waste material batches can be accepted as loose bulk material or packaged in hazardous waste containers for highly viscous materials / liquid materials (ASP/ASF), IBC, bigbags, plastic and metal barrels, or in suction/tank vehicles.

IBC - delivery of liquid contents (image 1), in barrels (image 2), and bigbags for powdered waste materials (image 3)

According to our acceptance criteria, we accept for instance:
  • Roofing felts, containing tar or tar-free
  • Oil and tank sludges from refineries, tank and tank truck cleaning
  • Sludges from industrial processes, physico-chemical waste treatment plants, oil separators, etc.
  • Sludges/powders from paint or varnish, old varnishes
  • Acid tarsTar residues from remediation projects
  • Mixed construction site waste, bulky waste, mixed packaging, commercial waste

Accepting e. g. oil sludge (image, left) and roofing felt (image, right)

See our full disposal range and our acceptance requirements

We accept waste materials intended for recycling based exclusively on the waste type catalogue and the statutory acceptance criteria/limits at the site of our plants, as well as operational process instructions.

Before the waste is delivered, its appropriateness should always be clarified beforehand with the competent sales employee. The General Terms and Conditions of MUEG Mitteldeutsche Umwelt- und Entsorgung GmbH apply.