Utilisation of residual waste materials from power plants

MUEG Lochau

For more than 20 years, we have been contributing immensely to the disposal security of power plants by recycling residual waste from such plants, particularly in the region of south-east Germany. The recycled residual waste stems primarily from power plants near the sites of our residual waste material recycling plants in Lochau, Peres and Deuben. We treat the residual materials received from the power plants in our own specially developed process and make them useful for a number of applications.

Beside the disposal of residual waste materials, we are also involved in the sourcing and co-incineration of biological and sewage sludge in power plants. Not only does this help prevent waste, it is also an important contribution to the preservation of valuable natural resources!

Recycling of residual waste from power plants

Our residual waste material recycling plants enable the targeted recycling of residual waste material from power plants. This includes first and foremost:

  • filter ash
  • wet ash
  • FDG gypsum

The materials produced in our recycling processes have multiple applications in various fields:

  • direct backfilling or backfilling of thick matter in underground cavities
  • road construction material
  • material for the conditioning of liquid and highly viscous substances

The consistent high quality of all products obtained from our processes is ensured by strict quality management.