Disposal and recycling of construction waste

The treatment of suitable construction waste to obtain secondary and landfill construction material and products is another important part of our company's service portfolio. Thanks to our treatment, utilisation and composting plants at various sites in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, we provide full regional coverage in terms of reliable disposal security.

Our company sites in Halle Lochau and in the south of Leipzig boast train terminals, so we are able to act as a partner for disposal solutions beyond the borders of our region and can quickly and effectively accept large quantities of mineral construction waste materials.

These stem, for instance, from:

  • large construction projects
  • tunnelling projects

Depending on the quality of the construction waste delivered to us, we recycle these materials in our treatment plants to obtain secondary and landfill construction materials. Furthermore, we are able, starting in the 2nd quarter of 2014, to obtain recycled products from gypsum waste. This product is then re-introduced into the material cycle.

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Non-recyclable construction waste is disposed of professionally in adherence to applicable laws and environmental standards in suitable and certified landfills. In addition to recycling and disposal, we also compost municipal sewage sludge, and garden and green cuttings to obtain highly valuable compost.

Production of recycled construction materials, soils and substrates

Screening of separately piled-up top soil from construction projects


The secondary construction materials obtained from the treatment of construction waste can be used for various purposes:

  • Road construction
  • Landfill and open-cast mine remediation

Our soils and substrates, obtained from the composting of organic waste, are used for recultivation measures.

The construction waste processed and the materials produced are subject to a strict quality assurance plan and continuous control so as to guarantee first-class, reliable properties for our recycled products.

The use of recycled construction materials and compost means that natural resources, surfaces and habitats are preserved on a large scale. Therefore, to use recycled construction materials is to contribute actively to the protection of the environment.